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​When visiting the studio

Jewelry Studio 13 is located in Fushimi Ward in the southern part of Kyoto City,
We have a studio in a renovated storehouse at the back of the 200-year-old townhouse "Machiyado Matsumura".

In addition to functioning as a studio, Jewelry Studio 13 has a gallery space, so you can not only visit the studio but also shop 13 jewelry collections.

When visiting, please make a reservation using the inquiry form below or by phone.

For customers who have made a reservation, we will prepare sweets and tea, so please enjoy jewelry to your heart's content in the space of the storehouse with the scent of earth and wood.

​ 10% off 13 items when you stay at Machiyado Matsumura!!

Guests staying at Kyoto Machiya Ryokan “Machiyado Matsumura" , which has a studio, can purchase 13 pieces of jewelry at a 10% discount. If you have any questions, please contact us using the inquiry form below.


TEL: 050-3567-3984

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