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Necklace with Rigel, which composes Orion constellation with winter diamonds.

Blue shining Rigel with deep blue London blue topaz,

The stone frame design expresses the light emitted by Rigel in an antique style.


※ The size of the stone is about 8 mm in length × about 6 mm in width

* Natural stones have different facial expressions, sizes, and heights.

* Depending on the height of the stone, the height of the nail surrounding the stone may change.


Material: K10 yellow gold

Size: 40cm

Rigel necklace

  • Most of the 13 products are made by hand, and some products are delicate.
    The natural stone used is also a delicate material, so be careful when handling it as it may be damaged by impact.

    Some products can be repaired and some cannot be received depending on the damage. In the unlikely event that damage is required that requires repair, please contact us from the inquiry.
    If you experience itching or rash, stop using it immediately and consult a specialist.

  • 13 Webstore has a production period of 4 weeks from ordering the product. Since we make each piece by hand, we can also provide custom consultation.

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