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People are symbolizing the tree as the world axis, with the tree standing on the ground and extending branches and leaves to the sky. The tree as a world axis drawn with the image of the human was expressed in the necklace.


This product is available in white or antique finish.


Natural stone

Center: Peridot (facet cut) / Amethyst (cabochon cut)

Above: Green tourmaline

Bottom: Sapphire


※ The size of the stone is about 8 mm in length × 6 mm in width in the center stone, about 2 mmφ in the upper and lower stones

* Natural stones have different facial expressions, sizes, and heights.

Material: SV950 (chain SV925)

Size: 50cm


Axis Mundi necklace

  • Most of the 13 products are made by hand, and some products are delicate.
    The natural stone used is also a delicate material, so be careful when handling it as it may be damaged by impact.

    Some products can be repaired and some cannot be received depending on the damage. In the unlikely event that damage is required that requires repair, please contact us from the inquiry.
    If you experience itching or rash, stop using it immediately and consult a specialist.

  • 13 Webstoreでは商品をご注文より4週間の制作期間を頂戴しております。一点一点手作業で作らせていただきますので、カスタムなどのご相談もお承りすることが可能です。



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